Landscaping with Anasazi Relics

The investigation would not end with the retrieval of Private Smith’s head. The government owed it to the soldier and to others buried with him to search for more of the missing remains. The first logical place to look was in the late Brecheisen’s home. What they found inside revealed the scope of the pilot’s looting operation.

When they arrived, investigators were be amazed at the extent of the late Brecheisen’s activities even before they entered his house. Agents found masses of Civil War era mini-balls, arrow heads, and frontier hardware throughout his yard. Brecheisen actually landscaped his driveway and flower beds with rare Native American grinding stones and pottery shards.

It appeared the more valuable pieces of Brecheisen’s collection had already been carted off by friends and/or family, never to be seen again. But most disheartening, was the lack of human remains Brecheisen was suspected of stealing from the Fort Craig Cemetery. Where were the rest of Thomas Smith’s remains?

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