The Ghosts of Fort Craig

Long before Dee Brecheisen stole Private Thomas Smith’s remains from the Fort Craig cemetery, the abandoned outpost already had plenty of secrets. Throughout its nearly fifty years of military service, Fort Craig played significant roles in important chapters of American West history. Despite the sacrifices, bloodshed, and general hardship endured by generations of troops stationed there, the fort’s history has largely been overlooked.

Journey of the Dead

Fort Craig sat on the Camino Real, which was a twelve-hundred-mile route from Mexico City to Santa Fe. One notorious stretch of that ancient road was particularly unforgiving.

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Texas Invades New Mexico

Few Americans know that significant Civil War battles were fought in New Mexico, and even fewer know of Fort Craig’s role in the conflict.

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Black Soldiers in the Frontier Army

These were men, most of whom had endured slavery before they enlisted, who spent years performing some of the most arduous duty the American military has ever seen.

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Location Map

Fort Craig is located 110 miles south of Albuquerque.

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