Why this Film?

The genesis of this film was a simple question: Why would someone keep the remains of a U.S. soldier in his home? Responding to a tip in 2005, Bureau of Reclamation archaeologists began an investigation that soon raised more questions than it answered. Why were people digging up graves in a military cemetery? Why were the dead left behind at the decommissioned Fort Craig? Why had no one reported the looting and grave robbing that had gone on for decades?

As authorities peeled the layers off this bizarre tale, they realized this was a story deserving public scrutiny. Those who steal archaeological artifacts or vandalize national historic sites only operate in the shadows. The American public must become better informed of the irreversible damage that these crimes cause not only to physical sites and artifacts, but also to our understanding of our history. When vandals and looters wreak havoc on these sites, priceless information is lost, usually forever.

Cast and Crew

A unique combination of federal and private sector forces worked together to produce “Helluva Way to Treat a Soldier” even while the story unfolded.


The Bureau of Reclamation

While frontier army outposts like Fort Craig aided the development of the American West, projects of the Bureau of Reclamation have also transformed the region.


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